Los Gatos remodeling plans of the house built by HooseWorks
Image of the house remodeled by HooseWorks
Image of design by Jody Hoose
Image of tile and woodwork by HooseWorks
Image of remodeled kitchen by HooseWorks in Los Gatos
Image of fine woodwork by general contractor Jody Hoose
Image of redesigned cottage in Los Gatos by Jody Hoose
Jody Hoose - HooseWorks owner, general contractor working in Los Gatos area

Hi, my name is Jody Hoose. I started HooseWorks after 20 years of remodeling and building for myself while I worked in Silicon Valley high tech. Formerly, as an equipment engineer in the disk drive industry, I built machines, fixtures, testers, and custom tooling. Now, as a General Contractor, I design, build, and maintain space for living and working. Every project is different, but each one involves creating useful, functional, and attractive solutions. I'm a hands-on person who really enjoys problem solving and the creative process, so whether it's an outdated kitchen, not enough space, water damage, inadequate wiring, plumbing problems, or all of the above, I can help. Details make the difference, let me sweat the small stuff for you.